SODWA Update #4

by | Jan 7, 2020 | devblog | 0 comments

We’re in the final stretch of that long road to our Kickstarter launch! For me, this has been a 15-year journey, so it’s a little surreal. Right now, we’re working on getting our WebGL demo to be playable (the current version is buggy as hell and runs like hot garbage) and putting together our backer rewards.

For our backer rewards, we decided to keep them all digital. This allows us to avoid the headache and expense of shipping physical items, keeping more of our donation total going directly into the production of SODWA.

The SODWA business model is almost identical to that of League of Legends, meaning it’s free to play with optional incentives to spend money, like cosmetic items. This made it a little tough to come up with good backer rewards, but after some careful thought, I think we nailed it. For one, all donations of $10 and over will receive “SODWA Credits” of an equal value. SODWA Credits are basically the “Riot Points” of SODWA, a special currency you can use to purchase new characters, skins, and other items. This means that our backers will recoup their donations once the game launches, in addition to receiving other backer-exclusive rewards.

We’re also giving away beta keys, exclusive stream artwork and overlays, elevated Discord and forum roles, and in-game emotes and badges. At the higher end, we’re doing the standard “design a character” and even a “turn your pet into a character”, since the world of SODWA has many anthropomorphic characters. Overall, our backer rewards are a great, low-cost way to give awesome benefits to our backers.

A sample of the backer-exclusive SODWA stream overlay. It includes multiple screens, the stream overlay, multiple panels, and even an OBS and Streamlaps profile the user can import to automatically set up their stream in seconds.

As far as our game progress is going, our demo scene is almost finished. We’ve got two teams loaded onto our demo map, both of which are controlled by the player. Almost all of the mechanics from our “Game Mechanics” page are implemented, with the exception of the Karma System. As the Battle Clock ticks up, characters gain Initiative Points, and take turns as they reach 1,000 IP. This is all reflected in the Turn-Sequence Bar at the top of the screen. We still don’t have any special abilities implemented yet, but characters can move around the map and use their basic attacks. The demo should at least get across what we’re trying to accomplish with SODWA, and show that we’re capable of bringing our vision into reality.

Right now, we’re using 3d artwork created by Synty Studios for our map and characters. We’ll be using the majority of our Kickstarter funds to build our own 3d character models. Between the 2d and 3d art, animations, and effects, each character will cost roughly $1,500-$2,000 to develop. For the maps, we’re happy to continue using the Synty assets. They’re very high quality, fit our style, and are easy enough to edit to not look too much like other games that are also using those assets. SODWA is a character-centric game, anyway, similar to League of Legends, so we need to ensure our characters are up to snuff before devoting too much time or money to the maps.

And that just about covers it. Hopefully our playable demo will be ready within the next week or two and we can really start building up some traction and word-of-mouth before we launch our campaign on February 4th. If you would like to see SODWA succeed, please help get the word out. You can share links to this website, share our artwork, blog posts, retweet us (and follow us on Twitter). Every little bit helps. To contact me and the other devs, feel free to join the official SODWA Discord. Until next time, thanks for reading!