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Due to the current events regarding Coronavirus, we have decided to postpone our Kickstarter launch until further notice.

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Turn-Based Strategy

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SODWA is an online turn-based strategy game that is currently under development. Gameplay has similarities to tabletop games like Heroclix and D&D and video games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Shining Force, and X-Com. The world of SODWA is inspired by the Saturday morning cartoons of the 80’s, including Masters of the Universe, Voltron, TMNT, Thundercats, G.I. Joe, and others. Assemble your ultimate team and take on the A.I. in single player matches or battle other players in online 1v1.

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SODWA Update #4

We’re in the final stretch of that long road to our Kickstarter launch! For me, this has been a 15-year journey, so it’s a little surreal. Right now, we’re working on getting our WebGL demo to be playable (the current version is buggy as hell and runs like hot...

SODWA Update #3

(continuing from SODWA update #2)   The momentum from our successful Hero Machine contest was insane. Our followers couldn't wait to see each new piece of concept art we were developing based on the characters they had submitted. It was at this time that things...

SODWA Update #2

(continuing from SODWA update #1) Twelve rev-share members is too much for a developer's first indie game. I know that now, and I should have known that then. But at the time, if someone was interested in contributing to the project, I felt obligated to let them join....

SODWA Update #1

From a simple idea based on Final Fantasy Tactics to running a wildly successful Hero Machine fan contest, working with a famous comic book artist, getting interviewed for gamedev podcasts, working out a deal with famous comic sculptor Randy Bowen, becoming a licensed...

Coming Soon

SODWA development is in full swing, so we should soon be adding regular updates to our dev blog. Stay tuned!